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That Old Fashioned Rag


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  1. Aug 07,  · How Make An Old Fashioned Braided Rag Rug. We have had some readers ask how to make carpet balls out of rags to use to make rag rugs either braiding, crocheting, knitting or on a loom. First, cut your fabric in about 1 inch strips. Remember this isn’t an exact science so each strip doesn’t need to be perfect.
  2. Apr 17,  · Cut strips of fabric in 2 in × 8 in ( cm × cm) pieces. Start with a large piece of fabric, such as an old pillowcase or a towel. Use cloth scissors to cut strips about 2 in ( cm) wide and 8 in (20 cm) long. If you don’t have an Views: K.
  3. Apr 22, - People do what they need to survive. See more ideas about Rag and bone, Old london, Old photos pins.
  4. Dec 26,  · Wet any absorbent, medium-size cloth—an old hand towel, dish rag, or even an old cloth diaper will work—with your favorite cleaning solution. Squeeze out the excess liquid, and lay the towel on the floor. Note: If you want to use your Cuban mop with a dry rag, skip this step. For dust bunnies and other Swiffer-like tasks, try a microfiber cloth.
  5. Historically, rag dolls were handmade by a mother using scrap fabric and given to her child. These dolls played a major role in a young child's life. In addition to providing girls with something to play with, they were often used to help young girls learn sewing skills. Old rag dolls were made with cloth fabric for the body, dress and apron.
  6. Apr 24,  · Here's an attractive, old-fashioned floor cover that barely requires sewing! Handmade braided rugs, braided the way your grandmother did it, can save you money and make your house cozy.
  7. Dec 14,  · Step-by-step instructions to create authentic Victorian rag curls (ringlets) required for children in Nutcracker productions. UPDATE: Please note this video was made in way before all the.
  8. The first step to making rag rugs is turning your rags into "yarn" for crocheting. Cut your fabric into strips and either sew or knot those strips together into a longer strip used as "yarn." Crochet rag rugs are a popular way to recycle old material, but you can also purchase yarn to these rugs if you don't have anything you can use on hand.