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Nihilism Not Idealism - Rupture - Brutal Badlands (CD)

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  1. I'm not delusional. I don't live a lie. Blah blah" It's just arrogant and annoying. People do have some more sophisticated views on nihilism than this, but for the most part, lots of people I've met in academia don't think there's really any meaning in life, but they don't identify as nihilists. It's a kind of odd thing to define yourself as.
  2. Nihilism: Nothing matters ; Optimistic Nihilism: Since nothing matters, you're free to assign value to whatever you want. So you don't have to feel like you've wasted your life playing video games or watching YouTube videos. It made you happy. So .
  3. Nihilism is also not anarchy. Anarchy is a moral judgment that a leadership structure should not exist. A nihilist will reject the idea that a State is necessary, but by recognizing that leadership is a choice, forces us to consider the consequences of types of leadership versus no leadership.
  4. As you point out the Nagarjuna quote discussing eternalism and nihilism ends with "The wise cling not to either." I suspect the link between Buddhism and nihilism is a Western rationalization of nihilism. – Frank Hubeny Feb 13 '18 at
  5. Jun 22,  · Nihilism is the philosophical belief that life and the universe have no meaning. In general, nihilists are considered to be wanton hedonists since their life has no meaning, yet the concept is also commonly associated with the opposite extreme of suicidal depression.
  6. Jul 01,  · Nihilism is the belief that not only is there no intrinsic meaning in the universe, but that it’s pointless to try to construct our own as a substitute. Absurdism is the belief that a search for meaning is inherently in conflict with the actual lack of meaning, but that one should both accept this and simultaneously rebel against it by.
  7. Pure nihilism Does exist in this world! It is the foundation of existence itself. It is as if we begin with a clean slate. The reality of meaninglessness, total meaninglessness, throughout all of existence, is simply unacceptable to a thinking min.
  8. Jan 25,  · Zen practitioners swear up and down that it's no nihilism, but once I became a Nih, Zen suddenly made so much more sense. But I literally can't see the point in writing the book, since it just doesn't matter. I have to wonder how many minds much much greater than mine must have great ideas for nihilism books and just can't be bothered.
  9. Nietzsche meant nihilism not as a philosophical position one affirms or not, but rather as a diagnosis of contemporary culture. Nihilism means that the highest values have become worthless (value-less), because of the rise of science and the subsequent death of God. E.g. the christian values like feeling pity or turning the other cheek seem, in.