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Guided Meditation IV - Resting In Spacious Awareness

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  1. {AUDIO} Guided Meditations. Guided Meditations from Henry Shukman. Here are some meditations to help – and deepen – your ongoing practice. We recommend that you set up on a chair or on a cushion, and then play these one by one (in the displayed sequence). Use them to start up your practice sessions either at home or at work.
  2. Apr 05,  · Let your vision be broad and spacious, and look at the stars without thinking about them, yourself, or anything else—just rest in open awareness. Another approach is to stare at the Big Dipper for a long time; after a while, the concept or memory of a dipper may fade and the stars will return to just being individual lights in the sky.
  3. Jan 01,  · Guided Meditation III - Thinking Bringing the Mind Back Home 5 Guided Meditation II - Relaxing Releasing Tension in Body & Mind 6 Choosing your Meditation Position 7 Guided Meditation IV - Resting in Spacious Awareness /5(2).
  4. Apr 20,  · Guided Meditations. April 20, This meditation begins with a breath that calms and collects the attention, and then a body scan that enables us to awaken our senses. Finally, we relax open fully to include the changing flow of sounds and sensations, in a spacious, clear awareness.
  5. I've been working on increasing my mindfulness in daily life and I've found that the morning is a pretty crucial "make or break" time for me. Mornings where I can establish my intentions to limit distractions and go about my routine mindfully generally carry through the rest of the day, where impulses to engage in distractions are much easier to notice and let go of, vs. mornings where I.
  6. Talks & Meditations. Talks Meditations Writing & Media Gather your attention and rest in presence in eight minutes. Tagged: mins. Anchoring and Spacious Awareness (22 minutes) Jonathan Foust. February 14, meditations. This meditation begins with movement and guides you into relaxing, feeling and centering your attention.
  7. Feel a sense of the mind resting in that very spacious, light, warm quality. Gently bring the attention back to the body, to the weight of the body on the chair, noticing any sounds, bringing the mind back into the space around you. Open the eyes, and take a moment before moving on with your day.
  8. And breathing in and breathing out just rest. maintaining open spacious awareness. on the silence and sound of the present moment. Shadow color light and space of the visual field. sensations arising throughout the feet and the ankles the calves and the shins of the lower legs. sensations arising throughout the knees. the back of.